Maureen's School of Dance Recital DVDs

Issues With Current orders

We have received client feedback regarding playback quality and the inability of the discs to play in some players.

This event was filmed in HD, but per our agreement with the dance school, we were asked to produce DVDs. These play in standard definition. We have all become accustomed to HD and even 4K video and SD does not hold up in image quality. Additionally some DVD formats do not work with all players. We burned these discs to play in as broad a range of equipment as possible, but there may be gaps in playability.

We are motivated to ensure your orders are correct and meets your standards. These are moments you won't get to repeat, and we have standards we always endeavor to work to. 


Current DVD Orders

For those who have purchased DVDs, you are offered a complimentary BluRay of the show(s) purchased.

BluRay copies are available, and can be delivered to the dance studio or mailed directly to clients as requested. ~Number of copies and performance days to match original order ~Please send an email of your order information to:

New DVD Orders

Unfortunately, we will not be fulfilling any new orders.