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The Power of Video

The power of video is enormous, and the benefits are vast. For internal operation it has never been easier for HR departments to create consistent affordable messaging, training, or safety videos and have them accessible to all employees no matter where they are or what department they are in. For sales, digital marketing campaigns that include video can connect with more customers, they are able to target niche markets, and they are more effective at getting more leads and sales at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

What Can Video Do for You?

Brian Charles Films provides video production services in Eastern Virginia and throughout the United States. We love to travel, and have had the privilege of filming for clients throughout the region and in places such as San Diego and Washington State. Our video products are designed to complement your internal and external marketing efforts on your website, landing pages, social media channels, and email campaigns. We specialize in creating videos that make an emotional impact and we focus on the values driving your cause.

Whether you are trying to increase sales, make your brand to stand out in a saturated market, or just to get more done in less time, we believe video can make the difference. We care about seeing your business succeed.

Truly Your Bridal - Fashion Showcase

Truly Yours Bridal, located in Williamsburg Virginia invited us to film their bridal and formal wear fashion show at the Show Bride Bridal show at Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference center. This stunning collection is offered by the only Bridal Salon in Williamsburg, and their styles a sure to bring in fashion minded couples. Check out Truly Yours Bridal at:

The New Leaf - Norfolk Virginia

Sarah and Lauren from The New Leaf located in the Chelsea section of Norfolk Virginia were looking for a fun short video for their company website. We worked to tell a fun and engaging story while still keeping the video to a short format. 

Please visit The New Leaf at:

The Historic Post Office - Hampton Virginia

This traditional 1920s government building has served many functions over the years, from a Post Office to a Nightclub to a Movie Studio. Now it serves as a luxuriously refurbished event venue. This grand opening video showcases the property, amenities, and exciting new future for this classic building.

Visit the Historic Post Office at:

Professional Profile - Evelyn F. Scott

Evelyn Scott is a retired Command Master Chief and New Entrepreneur. Evelyn participated in a national contest to win start-up incentives from 7-Eleven Corp. The contest required a profile video that met specific content and time constraints. We were able to work with Evelyn to produce her video per the contest rules while telling her story in a personal and engaging way. Her profile garnered more than 3 thousand votes and placed her in the top of the standings.

Visit 7-Eleven Franchise Page:

spaber maritime - Norfolk marine terminal

Incredibly heavy piece of equipment being transported from Spain to Chattanooga Tennessee. Spaber Lineas Martimas headquartered in Spain was looking to showcase some of their heavy equipment en-route to its destination. 

The Real Mermaids - Virginia

Based out of Richmond Virginia, this troupe of aquatic performers entertains all over the country with their fun carnival show. Children of all ages can interact with the mermaids and their sailor companions. Look for this this troupe at an event near you!