Your Wedding - The Series

  • Binge worthy wedding film
  • Wedding Film delivered within 1 week of service
  • No waiting for months to see all the awesomeness
  • BC Films will record, edit, and post your wedding in episodes. Small documentary style videos of the various portions of your day.
  • Clean, creative, real, the chapters will show more than traditional wedding films yet be short enough for everyone to watch. Everyone will be binge watching all the episodes of your wedding!

How it works:

Brian Charles Films will record all the standard wedding events and make individual video episodes.

Sample breakdown (epic Wedding):

  • Ep.1 The bride getting ready - The bride and her squad primping, prepping, and getting ready for the big day.  2-5 minutes
  • Ep.2 The Groom getting ready –The groom and his crew “grooming” up for the big day and looking their absolute sharpest!. 2-5 minutes
  • Ep.3 First look The Dad – The big emotional reveal of Dad seeing his little girl in her wedding dress. Big time tears! 1-3 minutes
  • Ep.4 First look The Groom – A stolen moment between the Bride and Groom before they say “I Do”. 2-5 minutes
  • Ep.5 Pre-Wedding Pictures –A behind-the-scenes look at the photographer working their magic to create their epic shots.  2-5 minutes
  • Ep.6 The Main Event – The ceremony with the paused and gaps removed, beautiful, clean, and simply edited. Time Varies
  • Ep.7 More Photos! – The antics of the family, wedding party and crew as they are herded and corralled for those all-important portraits. 1-3 minutes
  • Ep.8 Cocktail hour – Sometimes guests have something to say. The sage advice or just silly thumbs-up of your guests as they wait for your big entrance. 1-3 minutes
  • Ep.9 Grand entrance – If you’ve made a deal with the devil DJ, then this will be one big event not to be missed. 1-3 minutes
  • Ep.10 The Dances -  Your first dance, dancing with the folks, and all the tissues you can carry. Time Varies
  • Ep.11 Speeches and Toast – This is where the people who care about you tell everyone how great you are, an embarrassing story, or both! Time Varies
  • Ep.12 Cake, Games, and Partying – A fun look at the party after all the serious stuff is done. 2-5 minutes
  • Ep.13 Exit – Sparklers, Ribbons, Fireworks, Limo, Carriage, Boat, Airplane, Camels, whatever happens at the end when you leave the party. 2-5 minutes


You’ll receive between 7 and 15 short fully edited videos depending on you wedding timeline and activities during the day. In addition, we’ll also take the individual videos and join them together into a single film.


Social Media Blitz - add $500

Is a week too long to wait? Do you want your videos faster? For an additional fee, we can start uploading your films the day of your wedding straight to your social media feed! This means you can watch your wedding immediately after the party ends! This is perfect for friends and family unable to attend where they can watch your day in near-real time. (Videos can be uploaded the same day if strong internet connection is available. All videos in the Blitz will be delivered within 48 hours.)

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