We believe in love

Brian and I both have long loving marriages because we knew we had met the souls that completed us. We truly enjoy seeing that love blooming in others and telling their story. 

Some couples want to just capture their wedding celebration, while others want us to spend weeks getting to know about their journey.

Which ever you are, we want to be part of your adventure.

Please tell us about your day, and let's start a conversation:


The Celebration

We spend the day capturing your special celebration, showcasing your style and highlighting the joy of all those sharing this precious day.

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The Journey

For this film we work with you to tell a grand tale, spending time filming you and those closest to you over the course of weeks or months. This film will be about your journey, where you've been and where you're going.

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The Adventure

We get to know you over the course of days and weeks, learning about your love and how you have built a new life together. Your film will tell a deeper story of your adventure.

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The Film-Making Journey

We know your hands are full making decisions and planning your wedding. Our goal is to make your wedding film investment as simple and organized as possible.

Here are the basic steps when inquiring and choosing Brian Charles Films. 


Visit our wedding videography page to fill out the contact form. Its important to include as many details as possible.


Once you've decided on the right package we'll send a contract and deposit link. Then sit back and relax (but don't relax too much you've still got a wedding to plan)


We'll review your form, and if our schedules work, we'll set-up a meeting or phone call.


Several weeks before your wedding we'll arrange follow-up conversations or meeting to keep up to date and learn more about your plans.


During the meeting we'll get to know you and your wedding plans. We'll also help you decide what package and options work best for you.


We film your wedding!

(This is the easy part for you, just be You and enjoy your day!)



We go into post-production and start to edit.Post can take any where from 2 to 3 months to complete.During this time we'll keep you updated with progress and send the occasional screenshot or fun clip. Once complete we'll load your films to your own online video portfolio for screening.


Enjoy your film!